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Fayette County Information

County Seat

County Population

Median Household Income

Square Miles

Brooks, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone, and Woolsey

The Mission of Fayette County Government is to provide critical services to protect and enhance the health, safety and welfare of its citizens in a manner that is efficient, fiscally and  environmentally responsible, and which perpetuates a quality lifestyle for future generations.

Fayette County has a population of 111,000, is 199 square miles and just 20 miles to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Their median HHI is $80,000. Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Fayetteville is the County’s largest employer. They have 2 amphitheaters and many attractions such as the Lacy Theater, Space Crap Treehouse, The Ridge Nature Area, and much more.

Home to:

  • Famous Peachtree City, with over 90 miles of pathways for pedestrians and golf-carts that connect every part of the city
  • Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the second largest entertainment production center in North America  with over 700 acres serving Marvel and Walt Disney
  • Clayton University
  • The Fayette County Historical Society displaying historical collections pertaining to the Civil War as well as local genealogical records.

Pinewood Forest is their newest coming community  with over 700 homes and 600 apartments directly across from the Studio. 83% of the population rate their public schools as excellent and 95% regard the County as an excellent place to live. Their Superintendent of Schools was voted the State School Superintendent of the year in 2017.

(770) 460-5730

The southernmost community in Fayette County, Brooks is located near a former Creek Nation village and trading post. Known for wide-open spaces and friendly people it is primarily a residential area.

(770) 461-6029

Fayetteville is proud of its picture-book courthouse-built in 1825 and the oldest in the state-and what is said to be the “world’s largest courthouse bench,” located alongside the walkway to the building. With roughly 16,000 residents, Fayetteville, the county seat of Fayette County, strives to provide a quality atmosphere for its residents. Located close to Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Fayetteville is ideal for home buyers seeking to live in a residential community that allows easy access to a major city and excellent transportation. The area provides an historic atmosphere, along with many community events, excellent neighborhoods, and high-quality schools. Fayetteville has been referred to as one of the top ten suburbs to retire, and one of the top twenty places for a “Budding Technology Economy.”

Peachtree City
(770) 487-7657

In 1959 Peachtree City was chartered and the ideas of some real estate developers to make a planned community started to become a reality. The developers planned on creating villages in Peachtree City, with each area having its own schools, parks, shopping centers, and more. The current villages in Peachtree City are Aberdeen, Braelinn, Glenloch, Kedron, and Wilksmoor. The city is most well-konwn for its 90 miles of multi-use paths for golf carts, cyclists, and pedestrians. The residents of Peachtree City can easily access the amenities of their village, and people driving by will almost always see golf carts traveling alongside the roads. Peachtree City has been referred to as one of the best places to live in the nation, and the master planned community has won awards for its unique design.

(770) 487-4038

The town of Tyrone originally belonged to the Creek Indians before being settled by Irish farmers in the late 1800s. Some homes built by those first Irish settlers are still occupied by their descendants. The name comes from County Tyrone in Ireland. With only about 7,000 residents, Tyrone is a small residential community located only 25 miles from Atlanta. The proximity to Atlanta makes it convenient for residents to access the many amenities that the large city has to offer.

Main Contact Information
(770) 460-5730

All Emergencies

Animal Control
(770) 631-7210

Business License
(770) 305-5189

Fayette County Tax Commissioner
George Wingo
(770) 461-3652

County Extension Office
(770) 305-5412 Ext 7

Driver’s License
(678) 413-8400

Fire and Emergency Services
(770) 305-5414

Planning and Zoning
(770) 305-5421

Sherriff’s Office
(770) 461-5266

Tax Assessor
Kristie King
(770) 461-3652

Voter Registration
(770) 305-5408

City of Brooks
(770) 460-5730

City of Fayetteville
(770) 461-6029

City of Peachtree City
(770) 487-7657

City of Tyrone
(770) 487-4038

Town of Woolsey
(770) 471-7100

Coweta-Fayette Electric Membership Corporation
(770) 502-0226

Georgia Power Company

Gas Companies
EMC Natural Gas Coweta-Fayette
(770) 254-0379

Water and Sewer
Fayette County Water System
(770) 461-1146

City of Fayetteville Water Department
(770) 460-4237


Cable Television
Comcast Cable
(404) 266-2278

(770) 780-2355


Public Schools
Fayette County Board of Education
(770) 460-3535


Piedmont Fayette Hospital
(770) 719-7000

Brooks Public Library
(770) 719-7600

Fayette County Public Library
(770) 305-5426

Peachtree City Library
(770) 631-2520

Tyrone Public Library
(770) 487-1565

Fayette Daily News

The Citizen