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Category: Remodeling

Gorgeous Buckhead Renovation

If you’re looking for great remodeling ideas, you’ll want to see this video. Thomas Drew of DBD Renovations took on a very challenging condo renovation that included a new kitchen and a major change with the staircase. This shows you, with the right remodeler, you can do just about anything.

Get Design Ideas From This Buckhead Remodeling Project

Many people decide to remodel shortly after they buy a home. It’s important to see what you can do with a house that might be dated and may not appeal to you as is. In this video, meet a homeowner who had her home remodeled right away. With a little vision and a great contractor, you can make a home – that you don’t like at first – into your dream home.

Home Game Rooms

Thinking about renovating your basement and getting a game room downstairs? This video gives you ideas for some of the latest games that add vitality to your space. Game rooms are also a great way to ensure time with the family.

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Fine Art and Furniture

Fine art adds so much to the beauty of your home, but here’s the question: do you decorate around your art, or select your furnishings first and select art that goes with your furniture? Here’s some expert advice.

Kitchen Remodeling

Could your kitchen use a lift? Many new homeowners want to renovate the kitchen and bring it up to date. Here’s a look at some of your choices for styles and designs for the kitchen. This shows you great ideas from a top remodeler.